Who are we

Relying on the "Belt and Road" national strategy, iSino emerges at the right moment. We are focusing on countries from the "silk road economic belt" and "21st century maritime silk road", we help customers calmly cope with the challenges of the international trade environment, explore emerging markets, create development opportunities, and realize complementary advantages and mutual benefit.

ISino is a high-tech service company located in Shanghai China, we provide convenient network platforms to precisely match the supply and demand sides, providing high-quality, cost-effective solutions that assistant enterprises to improve the efficiency, profits and growth. iSino is more than a platform, more than a business, more than a partner, its professional and focused approach lead to better solutions. Our strengthens from four areas of expertise: International trading, Company overall solution, Supply chain management and Training services.


Premium member

1000+ increments per year

Dual service platform


Sharing China Information Worldwide

The bridge of double trade exchange

Our services


Simple, safe and efficient international trade platform. It focuses on the two-way enabling of supply and procurement of countries along the Belt and Road.

Consulting Services

Provide product, procurement, agency, market access, contracts, supply chain and risk management solutions. Through these services, we can help our customers meet their growth, performance and operational needs, thus gaining a competitive edge in the marketplace.

3rd Party Logistics

Optimize the entire supply chain process to meet the needs from customers at the most economical cost: Enhance the cash flow turnover; Reduce the risks faced by enterprises; Achieving profit growth; Provide predictable income.


Training service platform, providing itinerary management, training course management, courseware download, interactive community and a series of services for living, learning and visiting.

Our strengths

Professional Team

Leadership team comes from the Fortune 500 companies, the team has an international view, comprehensive experience in international trade.

Customer Base

4,000+ VIP customers from the "Belt and Road" countries, and bring unlimited business opportunities. 1,000+ incremental VIPs will be added per year.


The designated training service provider for MOFCOM Training base of Shanghai. The strong network of relationships helps suppliers/service providers to explore overseas markets.

Special Service

Precise connection the supply and demand, timely sharing of market & industry information, enabling multi-directional power between customers and suppliers.

The Latest Technology

The latest network technology and network security system to ensure the safety and effectiveness of information.

Mission & Vision


Relying on the “Belt and Road" strategy

It aims to serve a “one-stop services” of information sharing and trade exchange between Global and China


Committed to building an interconnection bridge for customers

Optimal allocation and circulation of demand, production requirements, resources and products globally

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